Friday, September 10, 2010

International Buy A Koran Day


Aaaaaand the burning is off once again.

Terry Jones is officially the new Axl Rose. Ten years from now he'll finally get around to it, and overall no one will really care. I can only hope there'll be a future collaboration with Buckethead.

Original Post:

So, "Pastor" Jones is a big ol' waffler.

First he was going to burn the Koran, then he wasn't, now he will, if people don't accede to his demands.

Hmmm....Threatening a malign act unless your demands are met? That's pretty much the definition of extortion. Or terrorism, if you're feeling cheeky.

At this point, I don't care what he does. What I'LL be doing tomorrow is buying a Koran. If you'd like to join with me in refuting religious intolerance then go out, buy a Koran, tell the cashier that you're purchasing it to replace any copies that terry "The Waffler" Jones will or won't burn, and take a picture of yourself with it. Send that picture to me at Let's show this namby-pamby nutjob what conviction and tolerance mean.

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