Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Brief Conversation on Surveillance

Co-worker 1: "You know they put in a bunch of new security cameras all through Penn and Grand Central Station? I feel so much safer."

MMorse: "We're turning into London. They've got cameras all over the place these days."

1: "They should put up more. These cameras are so good they can zoom in on you and see, you know, what you're wearing and what color your clothes are..."

Co-worker 2: "Doesnt that bother you though, in terms of your privacy?"

1: "No, not really as long as the cameras are in public and not in my house."

M: "What if there's a camera in public that can look into your house?"

1: "What do you mean?"

M: "Well, what if there's a camera in the street in front of your house? You just said they can zoom in, so what if they zoom in on your house?"

1: "Oh, that's okay. I keep my curtains drawn all the time."

That's verbatim.