Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To The Theater

I love me some Godfather, some Star Wars, some Indiana Jones, but the film trilogy that has always delighted me most consistently is probably Back to the Future. I adore everything about the first film and consider it to be a near-perfect piece of entertainment. Relentlessly smart, overwhelmingly charming, Oedipally-icky and rib-ticklingly funny, Back to the Future is a Classic Film. And on October 23rd and 25th, Back to the Future is returning to American movie theaters.

That's heavy, Doc.

I've already bought my tickets - why don't you join me? Let's celebrate a classic film together.


  1. It's always been my favorite movie - although I've always grappled with BTTF2 as well - but it's only showing in big cities. Not that I expected it to be showing in rural Virginia, but I think this would be a hit everywhere. Everyone, even in my generation, knows about it and loves it. Anyway, I actually watched it last night in celebration. It still holds up so well. I can't wait to get the Blu-rays.

  2. Didn't know that it was only showing in big cities. That seems shortsighted, frankly.

    BttF 2 is my least favorite installment, but it's still great fun, helped along by the now-nostalgic look at "the future" and the outstandingly clever construction of its back-half.

  3. I see 2 as another chapter in the Abbey Road v. White Album debate - do you like a fundamentally perfect work of art, or do you like your edges a little rougher? Some of the moments don't work, but a lot do, and I definitely love the look into the future. (I'm about to go into a torrential rainstorm, and I wish I had the "Your suit is dry" jacket.) 1 is better and is still probably my favorite, but I think 2 piggybacks off it and creates something new very well. Plus, I love middle parts in the series.

    With 3, I don't love Westerns, and I love the future, so I think that's my main hangup. I do love the Rolls Royce scene though.

  4. A re-screening? I honestly thought it was October 2015 and I had forgotten the year. That was... confusing. Glad they are doing this, but a few years too early, no?

    I have seen the first half of BTTF as a teenager 16times every weekend for two years... on a giant wall of televisions.

    Part time job + television sales + laser video disc that never got flipped.

  5. http://blog.movies.yahoo.com/blog/45-michael-j-fox-recreates-the-classic-back-to-the-future-teaser-trailer

    Sorry.. I do not know how to extract that yahoo video's url.

  6. http://www.bttf.com/back-to-the-future-is-back-for-an-amc-encore-presentation.php