Friday, September 3, 2010

Arbitrary Law & Dispute Between Brothers (Twin Peaks S2, eps 9 & 10)

This week's Lost & Found column for Arbitrary Law & Dispute Between Brothers has been abducted for your reading pleasure on

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  1. Outstanding column once again sir! I tried to leave this comment over at Chud, but the comment system there doesn't seem to be working for me. So I'll just paste it over here:

    You wrote, "...there’s no shortage of continuing mystery here, even as Cooper arrives at the answer he’s been seeking. We still have no idea of what’s really happening here in the background of the show...

    But what we understand isn’t really what’s important. What’s important, for now, is what Cooper now understands..."

    How you seemed to embrace all that in that section of the column really hit on something I've been feeling in general since the beginning of the series, in contrast to a show like LOST (since we're fond of the comparison around here after all).

    I've found with Twin Peaks, I'm much more comfortable to just sit back and enjoy the strange ride and not be that concerned at all with what I don't understand or how or whether such things will really sufficiently be "explained" or not. I think you wrote something touching on this feeling early on, suggesting that the world of Twin Peaks is one where odd stuff happens just because it does.

    In contrast, I feel like LOST was a show generally plagued by the anxious need for logical "answers" and all to be explained. Still, I wasn't one who needed to have all explained by any means, and I did feel satisfied with the way they did explain the mythology and a lot that they left ambiguous. But I still feel like I watched the show differently, and with different expectations, than I now do Twin Peaks.

    Do you feel that way too, or is it just me? If you do, why do you suppose that is? Is it perhaps more a matter of expectations or rather more a matter of production and execution? Or maybe it helps to be able to watch shows like these long after they air like this, free from all the hype and advertisement. Perhaps many Twin Peaks viewers were also very impatient for all the answers too?