Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy LOST Day!

Today's an auspicious occasion. LOST, the complete muthafunkin' series, is being released. Commence your happy-dances.

I'm well aware that some folks were underwhelmed by the final season, and as I've said previously I can't blame them. There's a lot to love there, but there's also an increasing sense of frustrated/frustrating ambiguity that most people (myself included) weren't expecting at all.

We entered Season 6, aided and abetted by ABC's nefarious marketing department, convinced we were going to get ANSWERS, ANSWERS, ANSWERS! Instead, we got .....answers?

If you're like me, who found much of my enjoyment from the show in puzzling around its various mysteries, references, allusions and pop culture debris, then the final season served as a summation of all that had made LOST both energizing and aggravating. The answer to the puzzle was more puzzle, to put it too-simply.

And I loved it, warts and all.

Work on Back to the Island: The Book continues apace, and now that the complete collection has been released I'll be incorporating what we learn from that set into the text. But primarily what I'll be doing (at first) is simply enjoying a dip back into this show's singularly-intoxicating world. I know that many of you will be doing the same thing, and I'm looking forward to talking about it.

Have you picked up the set yet? Have you watched its special features? I'll be providing a space for us to talk about them in the near future. Consider this post an initial exclamation point of excitement.


  1. I pre-ordered the Complete Collection from Amazon and have been impatiently hitting the "Track Shipment" button every hour for the past 3 days. Still not here...but my intention when it arrives is to watch "Across the Sea" through to "The New Man in Charge" in one shot.

  2. Nice. That's a fine plan, Anonymous.

    I intend to devour all Season 6 special features first, then steal from your playbook and watch those episodes through.

    In Blu-Ray.

    It's a good thing that this blog can't show me salivating.

  3. Same plan here! Except, there is more than meets the eye! More than I expected. 32 hours of bonus features total!!

    Blu-Ray Namaste!

  4. I have all the other seasons, so I might get the sixth season eventually, but I'm not in a rush. I am super curious about the bonus features, but I really didn't like the sixth season very much at all. (Though, I didn't like the fifth season much, either!) Not to say I don't love the show, though. :)

  5. "32 hours of bonus features total!!"

    Sheesh. There goes what's left of my life.

    Attempted to buy this yesterday - Best Buy was sold out across the city. Foiled again.

    LSG: What a mature, well-balanced point of view. What are you doing on the internet?

  6. Completely sold out? Wow! I hope you find the set somewhere!

    And haha! I know, right? ;)

  7. Wow! Hidden stuff to! I mean, really hidden. Black light hidden, and more! It really brings the meaning of hunting for Easter Eggs full circle!