Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twin Peaks Discussion: "Traces to Nowhere" and "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer"

Hola, all.

I'm working on the write-up for this week's episodes. Much fun is being had. If you've watched them and want to comment on them before the column posts you can do so right here. Friday brings the first opportunity for all of you to cancel the show/column and start over, and I have no idea what the result of that voting is going to be. Will you keep Twin Peaks alive? Or will it fade away again?

We'll find out soon. In the meantime this space is yours.

Two of you have started writing up the episodes along with me, and I encourage others of you who are interested in doing that to go ahead and try it. Send me a link to your work via email, or just post it in the comments.

To read "Holy Venom's" thoughts on the Pilot and on Traces to Nowhere, go to Ramblings Concerning Nothing.

To read Katie's thoughts on the Pilot, go to All Shall Be Well and All Shall Be Well.


  1. I hope that it makes it through another round, I've had fun watching the first two episodes and I'll probably get around to Zen tonight.

    For how long will the vote to continue/cancel be open?

  2. Hey, Katie. The voting'll be open from Friday through Sunday night.

    I'm hoping that it makes it through another round as well. I suspect it might if only because, after "Zen," the world of Twin Peaks opens up much, much wider and there's more opportunity to engage in my typical Lost-ian shenanigans. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it.

  3. You can just call me James, Holy Venom sounds a little like I'm a robot. And gogo Twin Peaks.

  4. Holy Venom sounds like he would be an exciting robot.

    And hmmm, Morse, that sounds very interesting. Just another reason to hope it moves on. I'll probably keep watching either way, but it'll be more fun to write things up about the episodes (and to read what you and Holy Venom James have to say).