Friday, June 25, 2010

Traces to Nowhere & Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer (S1, eps. 1 & 2)

The Lost & Found column for Twin Peaks (eps. 1 & 2) is going to come back in style for your reading pleasure on Please vote!


  1. Renew!

    It makes me so happy that I could actually buy David Lynch coffee. Have you actually tried it?

    I also really like the Camelot comparison you made. I had forgotten about that little detail by the time I got around to Zen, but it's wonderfully appropriate.

  2. I second what Katie says, re: Camelot. There's just something about pop cultural works that allude to the shattered dreams of JFK's Camelot that resonates with me. You guys ever see Robert Altman's "Nashville"? There's a bit where one character reflects bitterly on when she worked for JFK's and RFK's campaigns and their deaths. It's probably the "nut graf" to understanding the whole movie.

  3. Thanks a lot for commenting, guys!

    Katie, I have tried Lynch's coffee. It's pretty much just coffee - there was nothing particularly special about it, but it was a good cup. Also, the bag features one of his Signature-weird B&W photos.

    Glad you both dug on the Camelot mention. I'm going to be talking more about that as we go on. I'm a sucker for that story - it's probably my favorite myth/set of myths - and there are some fun connections to make between it/them and the show.

    Colonel, I watched Nashville years ago in my "I'm attempting to appreciate Altman" phase, and while I enjoyed it I wasn't blown away like many have been. I keep meaning to revisit it, now that I'm older and stodgier and likely way more open to it. Your post got me to pop it onto the Netflix queue.