Friday, June 18, 2010

Northwest Passage (S1, Pilot)

The Lost & Found column for Northwest Passage, Twin Peaks' pilot episode, has been wrapped in plastic for your reading pleasure on


  1. I really enjoyed the pilot except for a few details here and there and I'm pretty excited to see where this show goes. It reminded of Lost in quite a few ways, but probably the most so in that the setting essentially acts as an additional character and is so important to the tone of the show. Even if the show goes nowhere in terms of plot, I think the setting will leave a pretty deep impression on me. And oh man, you're right - Dale Cooper is the best.

    I've never tried to watch TV with the aim of writing about it later, and it was a lot more difficult than I'd anticipated. So nice job! Now I'm even more impressed that you can keep up such a high quality of analysis and writing week after week.

    And that Sesame Street video was crazy! I can't imagine what I would have made of that if I saw it when I was six or seven.

  2. Wow- so how long will it be before another show? 30 episodes of Twin Peaks?
    Sorry, I suffered through it the first time... not really interested in reliving it...

  3. It depends on when and if people choose to cancel it. I'll most likely step things up to two episodes a week after this next episode, judging from the experience of writing the pilot up.