Friday, June 11, 2010

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is here!

This should be fun. I hope you'll vote and spread the word. I'll have the results up here on Monday morning.

If you'd like to refer to the Master List, just click this link.


Deadwood, Twin Peaks, Carnivale and Firefly are the clear front-runners so far. Who will seize the nonexistent-crown? Find out....on Monday morning!


  1. Cloak and Dagger TEASE! Oh my! What is it??? Off the beaten path eh? Nice hint, but that doesn't help. If anything, makes it more vague. LOL

    I like that you did this... Consider my interest peaked!


  3. I vote for: The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.


  4. Nice idea, Morse. Although, I must say that you should prepare to take on "Firefly," which seems to be the heavy vote-getting over at Chud.

  5. I have to honesly say I have never seen "Twin Peaks". I know, I know, throw things at me. I have heard great things about it and am interested in watching. My vote from the list would be "Firefly". I loved that show and am surprised that its not getting more votes. I also think you should add "Jericho". It was a bold series that showed more than what people wanted to see. Most people have forgotten about it but it is a great view on the dark side of humanity.

  6. It's pretty neck-in-neck at the moment, between the comments, my email inbox, and the Message Board thread. Firefly, Carnivale, Twin Peaks and Deadwood seem to be the front runners. I'd be pleased as punch to review any of them, and I'm very gratified by the response so far, but I hope that Firefly ISN'T the first out of the gate, since I've just been informed that Alan Sepinwall at HitFix is watching Firefly this summer.

    Those of you who want to see the "less popular" shows on the list get a shot - once we get through the full run of a show there'll be another round of mass voting like this, but including ONLY the half of the list that got less votes overall. It'll be a "choose your top fave from the bottom" kind of thing, and it'll ensure that things don't get too predictable.

  7. Your project reminds me slightly of Channel 101. Which leads me to cast my second vote for: House of Cosbys.

  8. I haven't seen this positive a turnout at the CHUD site in like, forever. Nice, MM!
    Carnivale and Brisco County Jr. get my votes for the openers, but wasn't sure which version of The Tick was on the list. Animated was quite possibly the funniest thing going at the time. Any way to make a distinction, for the folks playing at home?
    Great start!

  9. Oh, this sounds really fun. I love Firefly (a lot), but I just re-watched the series about two weeks ago.

    So my vote goes to Twin Peaks, then Deadwood.

  10. Thanks for all the positive comments, guys. I'm amazed that there's over 80-some-odd comments/votes under the column after half a day. An amazing and humbling turnout.

    RAR, it's the live action Tick. Sorry for the confusion!

  11. Way to go Morse!! You really stumbled onto something here!! See? People are salivating over something a bit different and interactive ... great job!!

  12. No need for apologies, MM. Figured it was the Warburton version, but too few folks saw it, and might register the toon instead (which was inspired, imho)
    This is truly a grand idea you have here, and here's hoping you open a few eyes to something old/new. Mine included. Was never much for television till just recently, so looking forward to what may come.

  13. John from Cincinatti, then Deadwood.

    Deadwood being one of my favourite shows, though I'm not entirely sure it'll be that fun for analysis. Sure, the language games are fun, and it's interesting to eplore character psychology, but I personally never thought there was TOO much deep symbolic meaning to the show.

    Of course I may very well be wrong!

  14. I would say Firefly, but we can do that later since Sepinwall beat you to it. I'd say Deadwood and Twin Peaks - seem like easy transitions. I think this is a great idea (it's obvious by the sheer number of comments). I'd like to blog these shows along with you - I did it for Lost, and it sounds like fun.

  15. Go for it, HV. Let me know your site address and I'll post it in What Youve Written.

    Orange Fellow, One of the things im looking forward to about this is the fact that some of these shows are going to require a different approach to write about them. If Deadwood were picked I think I'd enjoy taking the time to talk about, say, the historical Deadwood, or David Milch's bizarre-and-effective Svengali dictation method, or the ways in which Deadwood functions as microcosm to our macrocosm...

    Who knows? But it'll be interesting to find out. Thanks for reading!


    Just something I thought you'd enjoy.

    It may also be interesting to contrast the characters with their actual historical counterparts. If I remember right, Charlie in real life was quite the neat-freak, an aspect not explored in the show.