Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let The Games Begin

Welcome to "Verbosity!" - your one-stop shop for all things MMorse. Those of you who've followed me here from Back to the Island, thanks for making the trip; those of you visiting for the first time: Greetings, salutations, aloha, hola, wilkommen and いらしゃいます.

This site will feature links to my upcoming "Lost and Found" column on (starts next week! Prepare for Wild Rumpus-ing!), interviews with various celebrity-types (look for my interview with Tim Roth, coming soon) and my random thoughts on whatever I feel like pondering.

It's also your space - a space for you to pontificate at length, with no worries about hostile commenters or steady streams of author-bile. It's your community - as much so as you'd like it to be - and there is only one rule:

Respect one another.

It is possible, contrary to popular internet belief, to disagree with one another - about entertainment, about politics, about religion, about anything - without making that disagreement personal and/or nasty. Argue and debate to your heart's content here. I encourage it without reservation. Personal insults/attacks, however, are verboeten. If you engage in that behavior your comment(s) will be erased.

No exceptions.

You'll notice that this site features ads. I'm told that doing this is a good way to potentially make a little beer money off of the free content I'm providing to all of you. If you're inclined, and you'd like to support my writing, I encourage you to make use of them when they interest you (as for instance: Glenn Greenwald's "How Would A Patriot Act" is a thought-provoking lil' book that's worth a moment of your time, and thanks to that banner ad I know that you can buy it used for $0.01). The more people that voluntarily choose to make use of this feature, the more time I'll have to devote to writing.

If you have no interest in supporting my efforts, or just hate the very idea of ads, feel free to ignore them. As with all things, it's your choice, and I appreciate your readership regardless.

And speaking of which: I'm serious about this being your community as well. To that end, if you've got a blog or a site where you create something for the benefit/enjoyment of others let me know about it. I'll link to it in the "What You've Written" section included in the sidebar of the site. Those of you who choose to follow Verbosity! will have your blogs/sites linked to automatically. Support your fellow fans and creators!

It'll be quiet here until next week, when I'll debut the first edition of "Lost and Found" and open up the discussion on it. Until then, enjoy the sun and please bookmark this page if you're so inclined. Thanks, as always, for reading.




  1. From the infocom ZORK I instruction manual:

    The VERBOSE command gives a complete description of each location, and the objects in it, every time you enter a location, even if you've been there before.

  2. Erik,

    Great to see you. I'm ashamed to say that the phrase "infocom ZORK I instruction manual" is essentially Mandarin Chinese to me.

    What is that? And why does its description of "Verbose" sound very apt as regards Back to the Island and (I hope) this site?

  3. Erik - that cracked me up good this morning. It's been so long since I thought about Zork, but man I loved that game!

    Morse, Zork was an old, text-based PC adventure game that came out in the mid 80s. Goes to show what old readers are ;D

  4. oooops. should have read, "what old-ass readers you have"

    got distracted.

  5. Awesome Morse! I like this idea a lot! I am glad to see that others are following. I believe we built a great community over on BTTI, and we all probably will decide to live together.

    @Erik - I cannot believe you brought Zork back to the mainstream. WOW. I also have not thought of that in 20+ years. We may as well discuss Oregon Trail while we are at it.

  6. This site has already justified itself - 10 minutes in and we've touched on PC games from the 1980s and the fact that I (and apparently some of you) am hella-old.

    Glorious, says I.

    Thanks for popping over, Christopher and Darth. Looking forward to continuing discussion with you both.

  7. Congrat's on the new undertaking, MM! Looking forward to the CHUD articles, and some good conversation hereabouts.

  8. Morse, so excited for this blog. I'm not one to normally follow blogs, but I didn't even have to think twice before following this one. It was like I was on auto-pilot.

    It's been sort of a wonder to find such level-headed people out here on the Interwebs who are willing to devote so much time to the craziness that is a blog. More than anything, I look forward to the opportunity to read some insightful ramblins from Morse and Darth and RAR and Erik and the other notables I can immediately recognize from BACK TO THE ISLAND.

    Not to intentionally make you all feel any older but...they had PC games in the 80s? I thought it was all Oregon Trail and Golf for Windows 3.1.1.

    Oh...and, Morse, I see you used "hella." As a current SF Bay Area resident, I wonder: Spent any time in the bay?

  9. Getting older all the time, but I have heard of Zork. That surely counts for something, right? Looking forward to what's coming up here!

    Does it also count that I'm about to go fire up a more recent video game?

    Glad to see the fun doesn't stop, Morse!

  10. Oh, fantastic! Site is bookmarked and followed. I'm glad you've decided to keep writing post-Lost, Morse, and I'm glad to see that lots of Back to the Island commenters are going to be here as well.

    This is my first time hearing about Zork, but Oregon Trail will always have a place close to my heart.

  11. @Mr. Moo, I will apologize ahead of time, for my insightful ramblings find their source in a Glenfiddich bottle, or a pint of ale. Forewarned, lol.
    And for the nostalgic, just three words.
    Hunt the Wumpus!

  12. MMorse,

    I'm very much looking forward to what you have to share via Verbosity. While I was only an occasional commenter at BTTI, I was a frequent reader and will remain so as long as you have content to share.



  13. And so it begins. Looking forward to having a sanctum of quality on the internet. Glorious, Morse!

  14. I never commented on BTTI, but read it pretty much from the beginning during my own Lost Rewatch Parties to make myself sound smart. It really helped me gain a new appreciation to the series, and during the Season 6 columns I really began to appreciate your writing. Definitely an easy choice to follow you here, and I look forward to commenting.

  15. Mr Moo - Thanks! I am with RAR on his reply, except my ramblings will be from the bottom of a few bottles of Sam Adams (any variation).

    RAR - my favorite 3 words from a video game came a bit later with "Choose your destiny".

    Greg - although my video game roots are deep, pre-Windows 3.1, I fired up newer titles all weekend as well. I love my PS3!

    I am so glad to see the BTTI people came over! As it has been said before, I was never a blogger, until a friend pointed me to your column, and hooked I became. I venture to other sites, but quickly return as this is the best I have seen, due to your content and respectful commenters. I look forward to reading, and for someone who hasn't read much this decade, that is a huge hat tipping to all of you.

  16. Wow, Little Scarf Girl is VERY enthusiastic. ;)

    Glad to see you folks decide to make the move with me. I'm really looking forward to stretching out a bit, as should be obvious by today's post.

  17. I laud your enthusiasm, LSC. You've been added to "What You've Written."